raul maia

“Excitement of our people” is a riddle for voice and movement. The performers weave an “abstract narrative” in real-time through fragmentation of common gesture. Attempting to reach the point of abstraction, blurring the line between form and content where new meanings can be assembled. It was premiered in TanzQuartier Wien in February 2016.


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full performance

Artistic direction: Raúl Maia (PT/AT)

Performers/collaborators: Raphaël Michon (FR/AT), Sabina, Holzer (AT), Raúl Maia (PT/AT)

Sound: Alexander Kasses (At) Raúl Maia (PT/AT), Markus Krispel (AT)

Music: Giacinto Scelsi, Ryoji Ikeda, Alan Lomax recordings (Spain and Italy), Biosphere, Lightning Bolt, A field guide to the bird songs of Britain and Europe

Set: Alexander Kasses (At) Raúl Maia (PT/AT), Markus Krispel (AT), Clélia Colonna (FR/AT), Agathe Descamps (FR/AT), Delphine Léger (FR/AT)

Light: Bas Devos (BE)

Co-production: Tanzquartier Wien, life long burning, Im_flieger

Support: Arbeitsplatz (AT), D.ID Dance Identity (AT), scaPes -sound&choreography (AT), Site de Pratiques Théâtrales Lavauzelle (FR), La Métive (FR), Casa do Pombal (PT)
Subsidized by: MA7/Wien Kultur, Bundeskanzleramt Austria, 
Culture Program of the European Union through danceWEB in the frame of Life Long Burning, Tanzquartier Wien, Im_flieger