raul maia

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everything is registered, everything is a product, everything is performed.  


OUThere took place for three and a half months on public locations in Vienna, on the internet and in a final performance installation at the WUK theater in October 2012


OUThere was a project that intended to blur the division between product and process by transforming every material generated from the 1st day of the process into a product. This, was done by creating a series of daily practices which organized time, produced and processed materials in a cyclical manner. One could call it an artistic game, as the idea was to find out how create interest by framing/re-contextualizing every single material that was generated no matter the perceived quality of the original material.    


List of practices OUThere:

-performing two to four times a week on public locations randomly chosen by throwing dices over the map of Vienna.

-video recording of all the performances and transformation of these recordings into “video work”. One dance - one video ratio.

-photographing glimpses of what was seen in the journey towards and from the location of the performances.

-self-interviewing myself in real-time through the use of a typewriter, with the intent of simultaneously further develop the project and create a documentation of the process of thought as it happens.

-documentation of the creative process as an artistic object in the form of a website.  Attempting to understand the act of registering as an artistic practice, which in its turn becomes an artistic object. (this website no longer exists unfortunately)


 Bellow you can find some examples of produced materials:



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