a fala da racha
 the word of the gap


A fala da racha is a performative riddle constructed around the process of fragmentation. As the word suggests, fragmentation creates fragments but in between the fragments, it also creates gaps. The performance explores the potential of the gap (or the absence of information) as a form of interaction with the perception of the audience. It displays a series of fragmented narratives in the form of ritualistic images. These images steer the audience into an inner dialogue with themselves where they have to negotiate between the information that is given to them and the information that is missing. The relation between fragmentation and imagination is used as a vehicule to address an inherent part of our human condition: the need to construct narratives in order to make sense of the world around us (especially of what we don’t understand). The fragmented narratives are proposed in the form of separate dramaturgical lines, each carried out by a different media: text, movement, light and objects. Each of these media share the status of performer and each could be seen as playing the main role. This contributes to a hierarchical shift in perception, allowing us to focus on the passage of time, on the discourse of the light, and on the weight of a word as much as on the human gesture. The multiple narratives are apparently disconnected from each other but paradoxically there is a constant suggestion that they are somehow part of the same reality. The result is a dream-like performative process, in which, the gap, the void is the true performer.                                                  

Credits :

Artistic direction - Raul Maia  Performance- Raul Maia / Angela Diaz Quintela Sound Composition – Raul Maia Mastering - Alex Kasses Light design – Frederico Lobo / Raul Maia Set design and Costume design – Raul Maia / Ana Renata Polónia Residency – festival D.D.D.  Production – Raul Maia / Verein La Cagada Co-production – Festival Circular Vila do Conde, WUK Performing Arts Supported by - Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, MA7 City of Vienna.



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