“Regarding resemblance” is a dance of theatrical signs. It works with the notion of abstract storytelling, attempting that the form of a gesture becomes detached from its original meaning through the use of fragmentation in time. We are left in an absurd  fictional space, which could only exist inside the theatre space. This work was premiered in the festival scaPes -sound&choreography  in December 2015.  

Concept, performance, sound and stage design Raúl Maia

Support –D.ID Dance Identity Burgenland (AT), scaPes -sound&choreography- (AT), Site de Pratiques Théâtrales Lavauzelle (FR), La Métive (FR), Arbeitsplatz (AT), Casa do Pombal (PT)

Note: this work started out as a research for the work "excitement of our people" and it developed into an actual solo work. It was produced with almost no means of production and no financial support except for the fee of the festival scaPes -sound&choreography .