video works 

Part of our work methodology includes filming everything we do. Since in our creative processes we perform almost everyday, that means there is a very big amount of footage being recorded. As a parallel process we sometimes we take some time to turn some of that video documentation into small video objects.
Our daily performance practice can take place in the studio but also outside on random locations. The aesthetic of the videos can vary a lot and is part of a process of experimentation in which 
non-representational physical communication is the common denominator and all other elements such as soundscapes, visual environments, compositional strategies are constantly being questioned and re-formulated, which creates a steady output of new contexts for the actual practice. The time frame for execution of the videos is usually no more than a couple of days in total and the recordings themselves are really just “one off events”. We never repeat a same session/practice for the sake of the video. So these videos are somehow a by-product and a parallel artistic practice part of a wider creative process. They are also simple documentation of super fun physical communication adventures, “real” experiences of interaction with very different environments and with a high degree of unpredictability, which we both appreciate. We are often accompanied by Bas Devos, artistic companion, often our light designer. Bas sometimes spontaneously films some of the footage with whatever material is at hand. 

Bellow you find some examples.