the ballet of Paul Ace and Sunny Lovin



                     Paul and Sunny perform a series of actions according to a pre-described order 


                         holding                                                        meeting

talking                                                    building                                        throwing   


  standing                                                                                    hitting

           waiting                             pushing


  drumming                                         hanging                                                looking 

  dancing                               separating    


The Ballet of Paul Ace and Sunny Lovin is the 3rd stage work by Raul Maia and Thomas Steyaert. As in all of their previous works, non-representational physical communication plays an essential role in the performance. Their artistic practice aims to develop forms of physical behaviour without the use of recognizable gestures.

This 3rd work  introduces objects as mediums that mediate the communication and become animate as a result of the physical dialogue. Maia and Steyaert perform their dialogues within static and restricted physical configurations. Each configuration seems to impose a new form of language. The sum of these different physical languages outlines an absurd and puzzling experience.

concept and performance: Thomas Steyaert / Raúl Maia

sound: Peter Kutin / Raul Maia / Thomas Steyaert

stage design: Raúl Maia / Thomas Steyaert

light design: Sabine Wiesenbauer

costume design: Irma Saje

production: Clélia Colonna

Financed by: stadt Wien (MA7) and bundeskanzleramt österreich kunst und kultur

Co-produced by: WUK and Im-Flieger

Supported byWild Card programme as part of Life Long Burning project

Residencies: Jatka 78 (CZ) Tala Dance Center (HR), Espaço do Tempo (PT), Sítio / casa do Pombal (PT), Rivoli Teatro Municipal do Porto (PT), Im Flieger (AT).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   


Der Standard (Austria)

english (google translation)

Vienna - Two men in a chirping, scraping, crackling parallel universe that reaches deep into "our" reality. Like a live projection, the stage flickers into this other

world as Paul Ace and Sunny Lovin do work we can only dream of. Because the two work in fantastic spatial displacements of communication

The Ballet of Paul Ace and Sunny Lovin by Raúl Maia and Thomas Steyaert, is currently being premiered in the large hall of the Wiener

Werkstätten- und Kulturhaus Wuk. Maia and Steyaert seem to confirm the insight of the German sociologist Niklas Luhmann that not humans but only

communication can communicate. Therefore, her characters Ace and Lovin could be understood as "communicationauts" who have maneuvered themselves

into something that they seem to have an excellent command of - namely to make visible the "system" (Luhmann) that is still puzzling today, which fuels or

slows down society, overheating or let it cool down and then seem to drift away calmly again. Imaginatively Deconstructed Pathos neither Ace nor Lovin are

incarnations of characters, but rather comparable to the strange entities projected from the depths of the viewer's unconscious by the intelligent

ocean-planet in Stanislaw Lem's Solaris. In the piece, the performance takes on the irritating game of the planet. With Steyaert, Maia has created an allusion

to space from slats, panels and mats. This is supplemented with sound materials (collaborator: Peter Kutin) and pulled by a light by Sabine Wiesenbauer

whose disturbingly seductive colours and desert blackouts give the impression that the audience is sitting in front of a live Fluxus experimental film. However,

The Ballet of Paul Ace and Sunny Lovin is neither theory-heavy nor ironic. On the contrary, the two adventurers keep flashing the joke that is an essential

part of the uncanniness of communication. In doing so, they dissect the pathos of their masculinity, which is involved in handicrafts and building, with a

wealth of selected ideas. The landscape of objects created in brilliant dramaturgy allows a dazzling spectrum of associations to flourish in the audience.

Even the Solaris planet makes an appearance: in the form of a foil-wrapped ball that Ace and Lovin play with from time to time. Especially when their faces

are temporarily transformed into staring masks by glued-on paper eyes.

(Helmut Ploebst, January 19, 2018).

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